The Story of CG Slotcars


Motorsport is a passion

Matt has been involved in racing for many years.  Starting in France at the famed Winfield School in the 1990's to a Pro USFF2000 Champion in 2006.  A factory driver for many years for various formula car manufacturers and development driver when the racing role was over.  He still drives occasionally in professional events today! 


What is CG anyway?

CG stands for Changing Gearz.  Matt opened the small shop in 2012 to sell slot cars and accessories.  When a customer entered the shop, it was a way to change gears and get away from the real world.  Reconnect with automotive interests and some friendly competition - hence the name.  The slot car track and video games were very popular and weekly competitions were held.


Birth of the 3DP era in slot cars

Matt introduced the first commercially available 3D replacement chassis in 2014.  A culmination of combining all his interests.  The demand immediately became overwhelming and left little time for Changing Gearz.  Unfortunately, the shop was closed in 2016 to focus on building CG Slotcars.  Today, there is a line of cars and accessories to choose from.  The original 3D shop on Shapeways is still open and carries an extensive line of replacement chassis.  The product line is always expanding and with 3DP, the possibilities are endless!